Rev. Rick Snyder, Elder.


An Ancient-Future Simple Convergent Church



We are in Full Communion with the World Communion of Christian Celtic Convergence Churches which is headquartered in Milton Keynes, England.  We are joined with the WCCC in a Covenant Membership Relationship.

Kyrie Fellowship has the goal of setting up a Network of Simple Churches in the greater Grenoble, France area.

Kyrie Fellowship is a blend of the Charismatic, the Evangelical, and the Sacramental/Liturgical.

We pursue:  Balance...a rhythm of prayer, study, work, and play (A Rule of Life).

                    Change...openess to learning and growth.

                     Community...commitment and eagerness to learn from and share with others (Kinship Groups).

                      Integrity...honesty in our work and speech.

                       Relevance...careful listening to comtemporary society  (Watchman Ministry).

                        Service...keeping our eyes open to the needs of others.

Kyrie Fellowship has many facets, but our main focus is:

   The poor, the needy, the hungry, the homeless, and the lost...Isaiah 58: 6-14

                                                                                             James 1: 27

                                                                                              Nehemiah 8: 10

   Discernment of the Times: The Watchman Ministry...Isaiah 62: 6

   The Ordinary Way:  "Ordinary" is the best word to describe the group-sized Simple Church we've started here.  Some call it the "CafĂ© Church", or the "Parking Lot Church", or even "The Church in the Park" because more often than not that's where some of our people meet on their lunch hour.

We dress casually, but if you want to put on a tie or a dress, feel free.  We share easily in our gently-guided faith-life together.  Intentional, but always relaxed about things like "time" and "personal input".  We flow through worship, sharing, prayer support, "Good Samaritan Celebrations", serving others, and personal growth in obedienced-based discipleship.  No, not "obedienced based" as in "doing what the leadership says" or as in Sheperding or other manipulative, controlling methods which only serve to wound the Body of Christ and create an "Us Four and No More" mentality with man-made traditions, rules, and regulations.  We study the Word and obey it.  Nothing more, nothing less. 

We periodically get together in a Kinship Gathering where all of the various Kinship Groups come to enjoy each other, to Worship God, and to have a meal communally.

It's not all we do at Kyrie Fellowship, but we're efficient and effective.  No time or spiritual effort is spent, or wasted, on lesser things.  Some, usually two or three, get together during the week (or just ARE's not a special meeting) and they may pray for others, or help someone, or gather food for a needy family.  

But......there are no committee meetings, no programs to plan, no events to promote, no money wasted on buildings that stand unused 5 or 6 days out of seven.  Needs within the Body come to our attention and food/funds/clothing/visits/whatever is provided by the people of the Fellowship.

We've learned a bunch of things about being the Body of Christ together, but we've only learned these things in our hearts, by doing each one of them.  It's just how we think of church life now.

We ARE the church......not the building, not the name, not the leaders, not the location, and not the "worship service".  We are the Body of Christ as we gather as well as parts of His Body wherever we are, individually, each day.

Gathering to give our lives for the Kingdom: How/What/Where

Ask God to arrange encounters between you and the freinds/acquaintances/strangers in whom He has been stirring up a deep spiritual yearning.  This only happens through your praying and God's connecting you to the person or persons HE has made spiritually hungry!

Pray about this everyday for 7 days.  If no connections arise then have an hour-long prayer retreat with Acts 16:7-14...Lydia was a worshipper but not yet a Christ-follower...God knew how to connect her and Paul...ask Him to connect you with someone like that...the not-yet Christian who is probably already hungry for for the "Lydias."

Though a few Christ-followers might become the core of the group, don't let this become just a cozy club of Christians.  Keep praying and sharing with whomever He brings your way until some are ready to journey with you in this only takes a few.  Trust His Spirit to connect you to the right ones, and to have their hearts open.

Don't be overly anxious and substitute events or advertising to draw a crowd...just pray, seek, watch, and wait on HIM to connect you to the God-hungry ones!  Their circle of relationships will be what draws more persons to the gathering!

1...Gather at a home, apartment, park, café...wherever it's natural for the group to gather.

2...Seek to grow into a fully-functioning Body of Christ...without using "churchy terms", you can guide the group to experience some basics of church life  (supportive friendships, authentic worship, obedience-based discipleship, life-involvement evangelism, helping others like Christ would).

3...At every gathering ask God to continue arranging encounters between current participants and others in whom He has created a heart-hunger for the person of Christ.  Always be authentic, never false, in caring for another person.  Be sensitive to their needs.  Never manipulate.  Include and value each one.

4...Personally pray for God to raise up an "intern" who will work with you and reproduce the gathering in another group.  Also, seek out a "Paul" who will give you on-going wise counsel as you lead this group (2Tim2:2).
-Gospel Driven
-Bible Centered
-Family Friendly
-Spirit Led
-Kinship Groups
-Convergence Oriented

We do not initiate anything without prayer for God's guidance, but we do not move on anything without vision and an integration of cultural values that are compatible with the Gospel in word and deed as well as reshaping Godless values to fit the beauty of God's holiness.
Kinship Groups throughout the area are the basic units of Kyrie Fellowship. Here, the priesthood of all believers happens, as Christians engage with one another in community prayer, Bible study, worship, and the sharing of simple meals.
Kyrie Fellowship exists for others, and therefore has a Missional personality.  This means that all aspects of church life and activities seek to accomplish two purposes:  First, the gathering of the unsaved in order to preach the Message of Salvation to them and keep them out of the fiery depths of Hell, where no one deserves to go.
Secondly, to equip the Saints with the Holy Spirit and Power from on high so they can reproduce themselves by forming additional Kinship Groups for the spreading of the Gospel.......House to House, as it was in the first-century church.
Our overall theme is "Each One, Reach One".  Just a few Spirit-led, Godly words to a friend or co-worker over a cup of coffee will result in a life being changed forever.


Worship is the heart and soul of Kyrie Fellowship.  Our contemporary style of praise and worship is centered in, and focused on, Jesus.  We recognize the fact that when music is truly anointed, it will bring Heaven down into our midst. 
We don't just play songs:  the Worship Team is a dedicated bunch of people who know that when they play their instruments, that they are playing to an audience of One.  And when Jesus shows up, the people are lifted up into realms of glory where all can worship Him "in Spirit and in Truth".
From upbeat praise and Messianic songs to worshipful hymns and Taizé chants, Kyrie "nagans" (the Hebrew word for minstrels) pour their gifts, talents, and passion into their calling.
Our musicians are hand-picked by the Lord regardless of technical expertise or level of talent.  What is most important to God, and therefore to us, is that our Worship Team be completely enthralled with Jesus.  Nothing is more important to us than using our talents to praise and worship the Lord.  

"Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord!"

"Praise the Lord!  Sing to the Lord a new song!"

"For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation and adorn the wretched with victory!"

"Let the high praises of God be in their throats and a two-edged sword in their hands."

"Let them praise the Name of the Lord, for He commanded and they were created."

"Let them praise His Name in chorus and choir and with the dance!  Let them sing praises to Him with the tambourine, with the trumpet and the harp, with stringed instruments and flutes!  Praise Him with the loud clashing symbals!"

Ordination of Rev. Richard K. Snyder